Tools Needed:

  • #1 Phillips screwdriver


  1. Place Parva on a clean, flat surface and remove all connections.
  2. Using a #1 Phillips screwdriver, remove the eight top-case screws. There are four on the front and four on the back. Disassembly Image Disassembly Image Disassembly Image Disassembly Image
  3. Place the Parva face down on your work surface with the rear panel facing toward you, and carefully pry up the right-hand side of the bottom case. The fit may be very tight, so if you don’t open it all the way it will be easier to re-assemble. Disassembly Image
  4. Reach in the gap, pull the bad voicecard straight up out of its slot, and remove it. Insert the new voicecard the same way. Voicecards are numbered 1-8 with 1 being closest to the rear panel. Disassembly Image
  5. Press the bottom case back down, re-install the screws, and test the system.